VL Webserver

VIEWLOG is also available as a hosted webserver, offering all the same mapping, cross section and borehole log details as the desktop through an easy to use web interface. Please call for details.

Mobile Sample Manager

MSM was developed to guide and assist staff during field sample collection. MSM provides a streamlined, procedure-based sample collection script that guides staff through all aspects of a sampling program. The MSM script configuration tool allows the program manager to customize the field collection script to collect a variety of different sample types. The script-based system eliminates program collection errors and integrates QA/QC checking at the source. Key sample collection data types include:

• Lab sampling, with full chain of custody tracking in the field

• Scripted field measurement and survey protocols including direct data entry

• GPS tagged and sample-linked photo collection

• Integrated Google Maps with GPS coordinate tracking and location confirmation

Mobile Sample Manager
Lab Data Upload Tool

Lab Data Upload Tool

The Lab Data upload tool provides an interface for external users and lab partners to upload electronic data directly into the Earthfx Data Centre database. Data files are uploaded into the database initially as provisional data, and chain of custody records are updated as appropriate. Upload events are clearly documented and tracked in the web interface.

The Earthfx Data Centre

The Earthfx Data Centre (EDC) is a hosted environmental data management system that covers all aspects of data field collection, sample tracking, analysis and reporting. Data is hosted on our secure servers, and users access the data through two powerful interfaces:

1. Web Browser Interface: Efficient, easy information access —ideal for clients and managers

2. Remote Applications: Powerful desktop level tools— for advanced analysis and processing

The Earthfx Data Centre

Key Features
• Web-based Hosted Data Management Solution
• Centralized, multi-user system
• Web and Remote Application data interface
• Comprehensive Data: Chemistry, water levels, production, climate
• Compare Data to Regulations and Triggers
• Water Quality Analysis
• Build Complex Graphs and Reports
• Sample Collection and Tracking
• Data Entry
• Import Lab Data
• Data Logger Calibration and Importing
• Climate data importing
• Adverse Event Tracking
• Identify missing samples and missing data

Remote Login

Remote Login

Remote App Login
For more power and advanced analysis, the EDC Web Tools are complemented by our powerful Sitefx and VIEWLOG remote applications. Remote applications, running on our multi-processor servers, are accessed through a secure Web-based login and that provides a powerful SQL Server software experience anywhere with an internet connection. Our redundant internet connections, including a high speed fiber optic cable connection, ensures an exceptional experience.

EarthFX Web Data Centre

How is it used?
Your database is stored on a network and is connected to the web server
Local users can connect to the database with SiteFX
External users can enter or upload data via the web interface
The website handles reconciliation of chemistry data
Tools, such as graphing, are exposed to client as required

Users are sent e-mail notifications whenever new data are added, if data exceed triggers, or if expected data are not received
Data that do not match a pre-defined structure are not accepted by the website
Centralization of incoming data removes burdens of emailing and tracking different versions

EarthFX Web Data Centre
The Data Management Problem

The Data Management Problem

Data is expensive to collect but poorly utilized

Disparate data sets result in poor or delayed decision making

Too much time is focused on data manipulation and not data analysis

Multiple tools not specifically designed for environmental data are used

The EarthFX Solution

EarthFX Database—a relational data structure optimized for the storage of environmental data

SiteFX—application used for database population and analysis of time based data

Viewlog—GIS / spatial interpretation of data and water resources

EarthFX Data Centre—web based integration of software products

The EarthFX Solution