Software Key Details

The VIEWLOG hardware key controls both program access and which version (LT/LS/GIS/PRO) is available to the user.  The VIEWLOG hardware key contains a secure RAM chip which contains various key codes:

  • Program Name
  • Version Code: This code number is written into your software key when purchased
  • Option Codes: This code control which features in VIEWLOG are available
  • Key ID Code Number: This is a unique key identification number

VIEWLOG Key Version Codes

The VIEWLOG key version code is different from the software version number because it sequentially dates back to the DOS VIEWLOG software releases. Version codes are as follows:

  • Key Version 5.0 or earlier: Runs VIEWLOG for DOS
  • Key Version 5.14 or later: Runs VIEWLOG for Windows Version 1.0
  • Key Version 6.1 or later: Runs VIEWLOG for Windows Version 2.0
  • Key Version 6.7 or later: Runs VIEWLOG for Windows Version 3.0

You will receive a message when you start the program if the software has detected that you need an upgrade for basic program access. 

Option Strings

The option strings are two-character codes which enable various program functions. For example, the DB code string is needed to enable the VIEWLOG GIS version of the softwarens.

Checking your Key Version Codes

To check your key version codes, run VIEWLOG and go the Options > About VIEWLOG  menu item.  In the lower-left corner of the menu, you will find a string that resembles:

     Key Response: VIEWLOG 6.2 DB ID10297

This indicates:

  • The key version is 6.2
  • The DB code indicates that the database options are enabled
  • The unique key ID number is 10297

Note: When checking an older key in VIEWLOG 1.0 the ID number will not be visible.  You must install and use VIEWLOG 2.0 to view the ID number.


Remote VIEWLOG Upgrade Instructions

VIEWLOG versions 2.0 and higher can be used to remotely upgrade a software key.  This allows you to purchase additional options without having to mail in your key for an upgrade.

VIEWLOG version 1 users:  In VIEWLOG version 1, the "VIEWLOG Field Upgrade Form" indicates a Key ID code that begins with "pct".   This code can no longer be used for upgrades.  For remote upgrades, you must install VIEWLOG 2.0 or higher, and complete the steps below.

Remote Upgrades for the VIEWLOG Software Key (VIEWLOG version 2.0 or higher):

  1. Install a complete version of VIEWLOG 2.0 or higher.
  2. Ensure that your hardware key is installed in the proper port (i.e., Parallel or USB) and run VIEWLOG.  If the program automatically issues a warning message that the key is out of date choose the Upgrade button.  If not, go to the Options > About VIEWLOG menu, and click the Key Options button.  Both methods will lead to the VIEWLOG Software Key Options window.
  3. Record the Program Name, Version Number, 5 digit Key ID Code number and any Option Codes.
  4. Phone, fax or email ( the Key ID Code Number and related information to VIEWLOG Systems, along with a description of which options or upgrade you wish.
  5. Upon payment, VIEWLOG Systems or your reseller will  provide you with one or more upgrade authorization code numbers.  Repeat Step 2 to return to the VIEWLOG Software Key Options.  Enter the upgrade code into the box at the bottom of the menu, then click the Upgrade Now button.  A message indicating that your key has been successfully upgraded will be displayed.