The VIEWLOG WebServer allows users to share project data with other members of a project team, without having to copy project files or data from one PC to another.  A VIEWLOG project is set up on server, and other computers can access this project through a web browser.

More than just maps: In addition to well location maps, the VIEWLOG WebServer provides online geologic information, including full color contour maps, water levels, contaminant plumes, air photos, etc.

Clickable Cross Sections: Cross sections are generated in real-time by slicing through the geologic model.  Click on maps or cross sections to access detailed borehole log data.

Rich Well Log Data:
Access any available well log data types, such as core description, lithology columns, geophysical logs, packer test results, well construction, core photos, etc.

Report Quality Log Output: Web users can control image quality. This allows access to report quality borehole logs. Logs can be locally printed or pasted into other applications.

Easy to use: A simple web interface coupled with full support for VIEWLOG Map Views ("snapshots") means that web clients can quickly jump to key information in the project.  Data access is performed in a fast yet powerful two-tier request system: the first map-click provides well header information, while the second click allows access to the full geologic well log report.

All the data, and always up to date:
VIEWLOG Server works directly from any VIEWLOG project file, without any changes.  All maps, logs and cross section web pages are generated in directly from the geologic database.  Projects can be shared in real-time with regular copies of VIEWLOG running on network workstations.  Direct database mapping and shared access ensures that the latest, most complete, data is always available at your web site.

Zero Web Administration:
Once installed, you can add or remove data or projects without any changes to the web server.

Web-browser independent:
Pure HTML means there is nothing to download (and nothing to install) on the web client machine.  This increases both performance and security.  The WebServer works with or behind any firewall.

Flexible:  The user can run multiple projects on the same web server.  This allows some projects to be made available in a secure manner over the public internet, while others can remain hidden behind the firewall (intranet).

High performance:
Web-client performance is independent of project size, and database can exceed 100,000 boreholes. T here is full support for multi-processor servers and server clusters.

Extendable: The VIEWLOG/WebServer is designed so that the webmaster can customize the response to a map or cross section position click.  This allows links to custom web pages or other web databases.

Fast installation:
Put any VIEWLOG project (including all maps, logs and cross sections) on the web in minutes.  Simply copy to the files into a directory and then add a directory pointer to the VIEWLOG/WebServer control file.