The Log Editor

The VIEWLOG Log Editor includes functions to edit, display and interpret of a variety of borehole measurements, such as geological description, core photos, lithology symbol columns, well construction and geophysical logs (including deviation, full wave form sonic and BHTV, core measurements and packer tests).

Data Display: All aspects of the log display and scaling are under user control.

Powerful Log Editing Features: The Log Editor contains functions for stretching, smoothing, trimming, resampling, averaging and linking logs. Data can be edited point-by-point, if necessary.

Log Calculations: You can write log processing equations to generate new or corrected logs. Included is support for a wide variety of mathematical functions (sin, cos, tan, abs etc.), conditional statements (if-then-else) and logical operators (and, or, not).  Equations can even be applied to a specific depth interval, if necessary.

Lithological Interpretation: You can create multiple columns of contact lines and text interpretation to display beside the logs.  Draw custom symbols and assign each to a keyword which, when it appears in the text description, will display the symbol to be drawn in the lithology column.

Flexible cross plotting: Cross Plot any two logs, with any combination of linear and logarithmic scaling.  Identify depth intervals on the logs by either drawing polygons on the cross plot or, alternatively, pre-selecting depth intervals in the log edit window.  Data from the pre-selected intervals is drawn with different symbols on the cross plot.

Powerful Z plots: Select a third log for classifying the symbols on a plot to create a Z-plot.  Use symbols or numbers to identify the Z-log value and combine it with polygons to identify depth intervals.

Deviated Borehole Processing and Bulls-Eye Plotting: Import raw mag and accelerometer data from borehole deviation tools and use the integrated functions to calculate azimuth and inclination logs. Azimuth and inclination can be converted into Total Vertical Depth (TVD), bearing and offset logs for plotting with the integrated bullseye plotting function. All logs in a deviated borehole can be converted back and forth between distance and vertical depth scales.

BHTV and Dipmeter Log Display: Import BHTV logs and display them in colour or black and white.  Fracture and dipmeter style data display is also available.

Log Statistics: You can generate log statistics for any interval of any log.  All statistical results appear in a grid window and can be copied to the clipboard for integration into other Windows applications.

Templates can be set up such that boreholes can be displayed in the same manner easily and quickly.   This allows you to customize the display of boreholes for cross sections, 3D view, preview for individual logs.