3D GeoExplorer

The 3D GeoExplorer (an add-on module for VIEWLOG GIS and PRO) can be used to create a three-dimensional visualization of your VIEWLOG geologic model.  When activated, the 3D GeoExplorer opens as a new window, and can remain open while you continue to edit your basemap and/or cross sections.  Gridded data, such as a digital elevation model (DEM), or subsurface layers (e.g., aquifer, aquitard, or bedrock surfaces) can be displayed in 3D.  Layers can be set as semi-transparent.

Navigation in the 3D window is simple, as the arrow keys and mouse are used to control fly-through speed, viewing angle, rotation and position.  The ‘drill-down’ command allows you to move vertically up or down through your model. 

Snapshots of the 3D view can be saved at any location.  These snapshots can be made at any resolution, and image quality is not limited to screen resolution.

The 3D GeoExplorer can record the 3D flight path as you fly through the geologic model.  This allows you to stop, replay, retrace or fast-forward through your model.  Flight paths can be saved and reloaded, and recorded movies (AVI format) of the 3D motion can be created.