VIEWLOG Components

The Map Editor

The VIEWLOG Map Editor is used to create/edit plan-view and cross-section maps.  All geologic mapping and interpretation is done in the Map Editor.

The Log Editor

In the Log Editor, individual borehole logs can be created/edited.  In addition, you can create templates for presenting borehole logs on cross section or in 3D.

3D GeoExplorer

The 3D GeoExplorer is a module that can create a  three-dimensional view of your geologic model.  Real-time fly-throughs, fence diagrams can easily be created

MODFLOW Management Module

The MODFLOW Management Module allows VIEWLOG to be used as both a pre- and post-process for the U.S.G.S. program MODFLOW.

VL-GSFLOW Processor *Coming Soon!

VL-GSFlow is the worlds first pre/post-processor for the GSFLOW distributed-parameter groundwater/surface water model.


VIEWLOG can be set up to run over a secure website.  This allows users to create maps and cross sections from a VIEWLOG project that is on a centralized server.


VIEWLOG contains advanced geostatics options for interpolation of geologic data, water levels, chemistry data.