VIEWLOG provides a truly integrated borehole data management and interpretation system. By tightly coupling a powerful borehole data editor with GIS-style mapping and cross-section tools, VIEWLOG offers an unrivalled level of visual interpretation control.

VIEWLOG Applications

  • VIEWLOG Overview

    Data Visualization
    • Mapping, cross sections, 3D fence diagrams and surfaces, borehole logs
  • Database Access and Editing
    • Querying, tabular data access, graphical selection, editing
  • Geologic Interpretation and Modelling
    • Layer picking and "constrained" geologic modelling
  • Well Log Editing and Interpretation
    • Geophysical log processing (log calculations, statistics, etc.)
  • Geostatistics
    • Gridding (interpolation) and contouring
  • Grid Data Processing
    • Grid calculations (incl. volume, area and flux summations)
  • Flow Modelling
    • Pre- and post-processing for MODFLOW


VIEWLOG Visualization Tools

  • Mapping Sections and 3D Visualization: Map Editor
    • GIS mapping direct from database
    • Cross-section interpretation tools
    • 3D surfaces and fence diagrams
  • Geologic and Geophysical Log Editor
    • Data editing and interpretation tools
    • Includes multi-well geophysical log cross-plotting, multi-variant statistical analysis and pattern-recognition tools
  • WebServer Interface
    • Full access to a shared database via any web browser

VIEWLOG 4.0 Features and Components