Sample Programs
Sample Collection Form
The above screen capture is just one of the many forms in SiteFX used in the sampling program toolset.

The SiteFX Sampling Manager is optional add-on to SiteFX. It is a powerful feature for users who:

  • wish to automate many of the tedious aspects of a sampling program
  • require an increased level of quality assurance, and/or
  • have a complex sampling program that is difficult to track by hand

It is also useful in situations where you have a manager that is responsible for designing and overseeing the sampling program and other staff responsible for carrying out the sampling collection.

Sample Scheduling

With the Sample Scheduling Design Tool, users can define one-time or recurring sampling programs by selecting sample locations, test packages (or other events), sample frequency and exceptions. SiteFX can also be used to log 'one-off' sample events.  In fact, in some instances, sampling events are logged into SiteFX after the sampling has occurred so that other tools in SiteFX can be used, such as sample reconciliation.

Sampling Program Designer Tool

Sample Collection

SiteFX can produce field-data entry forms, hard copy and electronic chain of custody reports, and bottle labels. Many laboratories can accept the electronic chain of custody forms to further reduce transcription errors. 

Bottle Labels Chain of Custody Template Sampling Field Form Electronic Chain of Custody

Chain of Custody Form / Template

SiteFX has built in chain of custody templates that can be used when sending samples to a lab. For more information, visit the Chain of Custody Form page.

Bottle and Container Label Templates

SiteFX has a number of predefined label templates that can be used, or users can design their own label templates and import them into SiteFX.

Data Loading

Results can be loaded into the database using SiteFX's data loader, or data can be hand type using the data entry tools.


Auto-reconciliation will compare results expected vs results received and provide useful reports to users detailing what is missing.

Web Data Centre Ready

Coordinate with your lab to upload results directly to your website using the EarthFX Web Data Centre.  No more email results and delays in reviewing the contents.  Results that are uploaded to the website are immediately reconciled with your chain of custodies and screened for criteria exceedances. (The EarthFX Web Data Centre is a separate tool than SiteFX).