Location Explorer

The screen capture above shows the Location Explorer in SiteFX.

The Location Explorer is the central 'hub' for managing data locations. Locations can represent both spacial points (those with an x,y coordinate) as well as objects such as documents or images.

Examples of locations that can be represented in SiteFX included: boreholes (single, nested or multi-level), test wells, test pits, private domestic wells, municipal wells, climate stations, stream gauging stations, reports, documents, images

Site Based

All locations are assigned to a site so that your database can contain multiple projects and/or sites.


Locations can be filtering by site, name, type and dozens of other attributes.


Build your own custom groups of locations.  Groups can be categorized.

Custom Views

The search results pane can be customized to show any data from your database that you required.  There are number of pre-built custom views or you can build your own.

Google Maps

Overlay your locations easily in Google Maps, Google Earth or VIEWLOG.