Data Loggers

The above screen capture is the data logger loading tool in SiteFX

SiteFX has a special tool for loading data logger files. Logger files typically contain large amounts of data such as water levels, temperature, conductivity or precipitation measured daily, hourly or even more frequently.

Support for Dozens of Formats

To import logger files, SiteFX must understand the structure of the file. We have support for dozens of file formats including Solinst, Hoboware, Troll, Telog, SWS, Diver and more.


SiteFX can calibrate the logger files based on manual readings that you enter.

Barometric Compensation

SiteFX can auto match your water level logger data to your baro data and compensate for you. 


Screening checks the import file for flat lining and 'steps' that typically indicate a problem with the data. 


Shift a range of data up or down based on the start and end date you provide. All data corrections are logged and can be recalled later. 


SiteFX records a history of all imports which can later be reviewed to determine work progress. 

Graphing and Reporting

All imported logger data is made a available to SiteFX's graphing, reporting and other analysis tools.