Data Importing

The screen capture above shows the SiteFX Data Loader during a file import.

The SiteFX Data Loader is a generic file loading tool used to import txt, csv, xls and mdb files into the database. The tool can be used into import lab data chemistry or any self made xls files that have been loaded with the desired data.


Columns in the import file are mapped to the database leading to the ultimate in flexibility.

Reusable Templates

Once a import template has been made, you can save and reuse it in the future.

Duplicate Checking

Using input from you, SiteFX will check to see if any of the data in your import file is duplicated within the file itself, or in the database already, prior to processing the import file.

Sample Point Linking

During the import process you will be prompted by SiteFX to link the data in your import file to sample points in the database. Once a link has been established, the link will be reused for future imports.

Data Validation

In additional to data validation, SiteFX has tools to identify and manage parameter spelling aliases, unit conversions, and sample types (eg. field duplicate).

Import Logging

All imports are logged and can be easily reviewed (or deleted) in the future.

Graphing and Reporting

All data imported with SiteFX's data loader is made available to the graphing, reporting and other analysis tools.

Logger Files

SiteFX has another data loader for 'logger' files which typically contain water level, temperature, conductivity and/or precipitation data and whose file format requires some understanding of the file structure.  The logger file data can be calibrated based on manual readings, screened for flat lining or screening for sudden 'steps'.