Data Entry

The above screen capture is of the SiteFX Data Entry tool.

The Data Entry tool is a powerful tool used to enter data into the database.  The tool allows you to build a data entry grid that makes sense for the type of data you are entering. Often users mimic a hard copy that makes tranferring data into SiteFX straight forward and logical.


Users can select sample points, parameters, layout and then turn off or on a number of optional data entry elements. Columns can be reordered.

Template Driven

For data entry that is recurring, users can save and reuse templates.

Saved Work

Data that has been entered using the data entry tool can be easily be recalled, edited and resaved if necessary.


Data can be flagged as 'unreviewed' or 'reviewed' so that data entry is quality controlled.


Recall previously entered data by filtering based on date entered, sample dates, status or sample points.