The above screen capture shows one of the many output types available in SiteFX.

The SiteFX analysis tools allows for any time based data to be analyzed and reported in dozens of different formats.

Data Filter

A powerful data filter allows data to be refined before being sent to the output tool. Filters include date ranges, merging points, excluding points, averaging, detection limit handling, decimal points and more.


Enter your own criteria to use for comparison purposes. Show all criteria or just exceedances. Multiple criteria categories of your own choosing can be entered.

Output Tables

Tables are simple yet powerful data dumps. Arrange dates across the top or down the left.  Select criteria to include. Export to Excel.

Output Reports

Similar to tables but are printer/pdf ready. Include logos, titles, footers and more. Save report templates so reports can be easily generated with new data at any time.

Output Graphs

Display points from one or more locations on the same graph.  Use both Y axes. Included criteria can appear as a line across the graph. Use SiteFX's built in graph engine or have SiteFX auto generate the graphs in Excel.

Data Screening

Compare new data to historic data and have SiteFX flag trends.  Users set up the flags they wish to use such as when new values are greater than 20% of the historical average.

Water Chemistry Data Plots

Bar charts, blox plots, pie charts, piper diagrams and more.


Test for outliers using statistics methods proven for environmental data.