Product Details

Database Driven

SiteFX can connect to either Microsoft SQL Server or Access databases.  Users can decide whether to manage several projects/sites within one database or have as many individual databases as they like.  Data within the database is stored in relational tables following standard database storage theory.

The database is non-proprietary, which means you are free to work directly with the data directly in the database at anytime.  Should you ever need to stop using SiteFX, your data is always still accessible.

Hardware Requirements

The speed of the processor and amount of RAM required are largely dependent upon the amount of data that will be stored in the database. Some general database sizes:

  • Empty database 5 MB
  • Contaminated Site 20MB - 100MB
  • Watershed  100MB - 500MB

If you plan to place your database on a network, a network speed of at least 100 Base T is required.

Multiple, Simultaneous Users

Multiple users can work the database at the same time.  EarthFX can configure individual logins or a shared login for all users.