SiteFX supports a wide range of file formats. If you require information or support for a file format that is not listed below, please contact us directly.


SiteFX is a database driven software product. We provide the data structure for free and it is non-proprietary. The database structure was developed by EarthFX beginning in 1997. We support the following database systems:

  • Microsoft Access (2003 and up, 32 or 64 bit operating system, 32 bit MS Office)
  • Microsoft SQL Server (2005 and up)

To learn more about the EarthFX Earth Science Data Model, click here.

Chemistry Importing

Generic Formats:

The following generic file types can be imported directly into SiteFX. The import builder tool in SiteFX will allow you a great amount of flexibility when working with these formats.

  • Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access
  • CSV, TXT

Lab Specific Formats:

The SiteFX Data Import tools work for practically any lab. The following labs have file formats that have been confirmed to be compatible with SiteFX.  If you work with a lab not listed below, there is still is a good chance that the file can be imported.

To add your lab to the list below, please contact us directly.

Maxxam  TESTMARK   Kinectrics


  • York Durham Regional Environmental Laboratory

Unsupported Formats:

Virtually all labs can produce files in a format that is compatible with our generic data importer. In a worse case scenario (or often for historic data) you can copy the data into one of our Excel templates and then load the data.

Data Logger Importing

SiteFX data logger importing tools can import loggers files containing water level / barometric, climate and stream/sewer/open channel area-velocity data. In the case of water level loggers, SiteFX can also import barometric data and perform the compensation calculations.

Generic Formats:

Data logger files are typically text based files. These files usually have a header section (for example, logger name and location) and a data section. Because the header and data layouts can vary widely from logger to logger, files that are not automatically recognized by SiteFX either need:

  1. To have a new data importer added to SiteFX (contact EarthFX for this no-cost option)
  2. To have the data copied to Excel for importing using SiteFX's generic import tools.

Logger Specific Formats:

SiteFX has been programmed to understand the logger files produced by these manufacturers. To add your product to the list, please contact us directly.

Onset Loggers  Solinst  Telog 
 Greyline  Schlumberger  


  • Provincial Groundwater Monitoring Network

Unsupported Formats:

SiteFX has a file testing tool that can be used to check for compatibility. If a file is not currently supported, you can either copy the data to an Excel template and load the data using SiteFX's generic importer, or contact EarthFX to add support for this file format at no-cost.

Chain of Custody Formats

SiteFX can produce Chain of Custody files in the following file formats:

  • Generic (this is the default)
  • Maxxam
  • York-Durham Regional Environmental Laboratory

To add support for a specific format, please contact EarthFX.

Bottle / Sample Container Formats

SiteFX can product Bottle / Sample Container Formats in the following layouts/sizes:

  • User Designed (create your own templates)
  • Avery 5523/5543/5163 (10 x 2" x 4")
  • Avery 8167/5267 (80 x 0.5" x 1.75")
  • Avery 6578 (15 x 2" x 2-5/8")
  • Avery 5162 (14 x 1-1/3" x 4")
  • Brother DK-1208 (Roll of 1 x 1.5" x 3.5")

Data Output

Data from SiteFX can be output in the following formats:

  • Table
  • SiteFX Graph
  • Excel Graph
  • SiteFX Report
  • Excel Report (can be Macro driven)
  • Historical Screening
  • Chemistry QA
  • Chemistry Exceedance Summary
  • Chemistry Statistics Module
  • Water Chemistry Data Plots
  • Waste Water Reports (R1, R2, S1, S2, Annual Performance, Regulation 60/08)

If you wish to have support added for your own format, please contact EarthFX.

Location Property Importing

SiteFX can import data from:

  • Other SiteFX Databases
  • SiteFX Starter Template (Excel Based)
  • GINT files (please contact us for details)
  • Other Databases (please contact us for details as this is rapidly changing)