York Region

Customization of SiteFX Sampling Program Manager Tools

Project Description:

York Region operates 14 water systems and 6 wastewater systems serving 18 communities and 1 million people. Operators are divided into 7 teams which collect over 10,000 samples per year.

In 2007, York Region recognized the need to implement a new management system that would standardize the way samples are tracked and collected across all 7 teams as well as tie in with the existing SiteFX database which was already being used for the management of water quality data.


Implement a user friendly data management system that allows scheduling of sampling events, collection of ‘one-off’ samples, bottle label and chain of custody production and sample tracking.


SiteFX’s existing Sampling Program Manager was highly customized to match York Region’s requirements. Particularly the division of work among 7 teams, a central sampling program administrator, and a sample submission system that is coordinated with the lab.

Key Features:

  • Central database (SQL Server), multiple concurrent users
  • Ability to handle Scheduled and Unscheduled sampling events
  • Admin level user develops sample programs and has access to advanced features
  • Ability to filter samples by team
  • Different modes of operation for water and wastewater
  • Customized labels and chain of custodies
  • Laboratory data file importing
  • Adverse event logging
  • Advanced Reporting Tools


SiteFX 4 was rolled out initially in 2007. In 2011 York Region moved to SiteFX 5. Over 40 operators now utilize the SiteFX 5 software. For more information please contact kelsy@earthfx.com.