Ontario Power Generation Nuclear

Radiological Environmental Monitoring Program (REMP)

Data Management System and SiteFX Customization

Project Description:

OPGN conducts radiological environmental monitoring programs (REMP) around their Pickering and Darlington nuclear generating stations. These programs are required to fulfill the station’s operating licenses and consist of sampling various environmental media to measure radioactivity in the environment where people live so that the radiation dose impact on the public can be estimated.

Each year, these REMPs produce approximately 3500 laboratory analyses.


Implement a user friendly data management system that allows data managing, updating, and reporting with the ability to import and export data to and from other applications.


Historical data was moved into a database (the EarthFX Earth Science Data Model) and SiteFX was customized to allow direct data importing and/or inputting in the future. Further, SiteFX was customized to reflect the unique properties of OPGN’s sampling programs.

Key Aspects:

  • Central Database, Multiple Concurrent Users.
  • Visual Sampling Tracking tools available to REMP staff and laboratory with ability to see results expected vs. received.
  • Detailed logging of database and program changes
  • Data Entry Tools with ‘reviewed’ vs. ‘un-reviewed’ status flagging
  • Laboratory data file importing
  • Reporting Tools


SiteFX was rolled out at OPGN in 2010. (Note that SiteFX has also been used by OPGN for groundwater data management since 1999). For more information please contact kelsy@earthfx.com.