Mobile Sample Manager

iPad Optimized User Interface for SiteFX

Project Description:

iPad Sample Manager

In 2012 the Denmark companies Grontmij and COWI undertook a large PCB Sampling Program for the country of Denmark. A component of the work involved having 25 staff in the field collecting samples over the course of 1 to 2 years. In addition to sample collection, sample locations had to be captured by photograph. It was determine that a system that allowed the main office to be synchronized with the field staff at all times would be ideal.


Create a fool-proof mobile solution for the field staff while still allow the main office staff the full capabilities to manage the sampling program and subsequent lab data.


SiteFX was already being utilized at the time and provided much of the functionality. EarthFX developed a web based interface to SiteFX that allowed for a streamlined user experience. All sample collection is synchronized in real-time with the main office. In the end, there is a nice closed loop system that involves the main office scheduling samples, field staff performing the sample collection, and then main office creating chain of custodies and importing lab data.

Key Features:

  • Centralized SQL Server Database
  • 100% Hosted by EarthFX Toronto
  • User Management Control
  • Remote access to SiteFX via iPad
  • iPad features include photo linking, data entry, sample collection, check list fill in and location coordinate updates
  • Remote access to full SiteFX via Remote Application


To date, the system is used by 35 simultaneous users. 26,000 photos have been taken, 6,000 samples collected, 7,000 checklists completed and 63,000 chemistry results imported. For more information, please contact