Conference Presentations


·         Thermal Impact Assessment of Below-Water-Table Aggregate Extraction

·         Assessing Cumulative Effects of SAGD Operations in the Mackay Watershed

·         Incorporating a Dynamic Irrigation Demand Module into an Integrated Surface Water/Groundwater Model to Assess Drought Response

·       Applications of Integrated Models to Watershed and Sub-Watershed Scale Analysis: A Canadian Context


·         Integrated surface water/groundwater modelling to simulate drought and climate change impacts from the reach to the watershed scale

·         Issues and Strategies for Integrated Model Calibration

·         Assessing Sensitivity to Drought and Climate Change with an Integrated Surface Water/Groundwater Model at the Subwatershed Scale

·         Issues and Strategies for Integrated Model Calibration IAH Waterloo 2015

·         Assessing Cumulative Effects with Integrated Modelling

·         Analysis of Groundwater/Surface Water Interaction at the Site Scale Babcock Ranch Community Development Lee County, Florida


·         Integrated Modelling: Insights and Blind Spots

·         Characterizing change of high frequency return periods in urbanizing southern Ontario watersheds

·         Integrated Modelling as a Tool for Assessing Groundwater Sustainability under Future Development and Drought in York Region, Ontario, Canada

·         Simulating hydrologic response to climate change and drought with an integrated surface water/groundwater model Lake Simcoe watershed

·         Dusting Off the Source Water Protection Models: Adaptation and Application of Existing Models to New Projects

·         Data Management and Calibration Strategies for Integrated Modelling


·         Applications of Integrated Surface Water/Groundwater Modelling Techniques and Perspectives

·         A new methodology for identifying Ecologically Significant Groundwater Recharge Areas

·         Assessment of Low Impact Design (LID) Strategies using Integrated and Distributed Surface Water/Groundwater Models

·         Topography and the Spatial Distribution of Groundwater Recharge and Evapotranspiration

·         Transient Modelling of Groundwater Flow Application to Tunnel Dewatering

·         Integrated Modelling of Groundwater Interaction with Channels, Wetlands and Lakes in GSFLOW

·         Watertech booth Slide 2013


·         Analyses of Low Impact Development Strategies using Continuous Fully-Distributed Groundwater and Surface Water Models

·         Integrated Modelling with GSFLOW in a Complex Watershed on the Niagara Escarpment

·         Characterizing change in baseflow interactions with urbanization through event-based hydrograph separation and analysis

·         Re-thinking Recharge

·         Analysis of Low Impact Development (LID) Strategies using Fully-Integrated Fully-Distributed Surface Water/Groundwater Models

·         Integrated Surface Water and Groundwater Interaction Modelling using GSFLOW