About Us

EarthFX is a recognized power in the management of groundwater and environmental data, and the firm delivers data-management solutions to streamline the collection, management, analysis and reporting of these data. This is acheived with proven data models, on-site training and capacity building, software and support.

The firm is staffed with geologists, hydrogeologists, engineers, and computer scientists, and collectively, we offer modelling, programming, database and web technology solutions specifically for the geosciences.

Our Approach

At the foundation of our approach is comprehensive data management. Data is compiled into an open database in Access or SQL Server. The data is stored in our EarthFX Data Model, and our analysis and visualization methods as well as our software are fully linked to this database.

Our software allows for detailed visualization of the borehole data. This includes 2D plan-views and cross sections, and 3D fence diagrams and fly throughs.

Analysis of the data includes the ability to create a detailed 3D geologic model that is linked to the borehole data. Our software allows users to make geologic picks on cross section, delineate bedrock valleys and interpolate geologic surfaces (using advanced geostatistical methods).

Once data has been compiled, visualized and analyzed, a numerical model can be set up. These models can be simple or complex, depending on the needs of the client. We have experience in developing regional-scale, transient models that include groundwater/surface water interaction. We also have the ability to determine detailed water budgets for watersheds.

Our Services

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Our Software

EarthFX offers software for environmental professionals who deal with large volumes of hydrologic and hydrogeologic data. SiteFX can be used to organize your data into our EarthFX Data Model, and you can enter new data into your database in an organized manner. VIEWLOG offers visualization and interpretation capabilities for your geologic database. Data and maps can be viewed in plan view, cross section, 3D, or as individual boreholes.

For more information about these software packages, plus our EarthFX Data Model and Web Data Centre, use the menu at the top of the website.